How Much Should You Spend on Your Yellow Page Advertising Budget?

When it comes time set up a budget for your  advertising , I have a simple rule of thumb: whatever it takes.Okay, maybe I’m being a bit flippant, but after three decades in  advertising  that’s almost the best I can do. I could give you the standard answer that most marketing textbooks offer. An average business [...]

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Benefits of Online Advertising

The advent of the Internet has changed the way businesses operate. Now that Internet connections are available at faster speeds for relatively lower prices, more people [...]

"A Marketing Marvel" Practical Advertising at Work

Let's face it, as far as  advertising  goes, sometimes bigger is better. And in the ad space business, a semi-trailer is about as big as it gets.For the past [...]

Why Advertising Fails

The reason  advertising  fails has many different answers. However, it can usually be attributed to one of four major causes.The first and most common reason [...]

Alternative Advertising Almanac (D-O)

Daily effective circulation (DEC) -The average number of persons passing and potentially exposed to an advertising display for either 12 hours (unilluminated) or 18 [...]

The Most Popular Types Of Online Advertising

As is the case with any kind of advertising, online advertising aids you in: Selling more of your product/service Notifying buyers of your new product/service, or [...]

Benefits of Aerial Advertising

Although business owners might not think of aerial advertising when planning their annual advertising budget, they should.There are many distinct advantages to using [...]

Mastering Advertising

If you could master the art of  advertising , you would soon be an extremely rich individual. An " Advertising  Master" could not only sell just [...]

Marketing And Advertising

Marketing is the process of making customers aware of the products and services of a company. It helps keep existing customers interested in a product or services. [...]

In App Advertising – Excellent Opportunity

Given the huge popularity of mobile applications, it is just the right time for industry players to monetize them. This can be achieved with In App [...]

Advertising Via Text Messaging – A Small Business Marketing Strategy

Many small business owners are starting to hear about text message marketing, or SMS promotions, but either don't know exactly how they work, or do not think that their [...]